Light Efficient Design

Light Efficient Design values include distributor and ESCO relationship loyalty, product quality, innovation and is renowned for service excellence. They launched their LED light bulb business in 2008. The company was built upon the strident effort to lead the industry with innovative screw-in high power LED retrofits for HID fixtures, their signature product. Subsequently,

their product line exploded and now includes pin-base retrofits, retrofit kits, fixtures and various specialty solutions. After ten years of success and growth, Light Efficient Design has gone from a company of 3 to a team of over 50 people with 10 distribution centers worldwide.

With a mission to continually evolve, at the start of 2018, Light Efficient Design acquired RemPhos Technologies, which specializes in product customization and environmentally friendly LED lighting. Their LED modules, retrofits, luminaires and custom designs are efficiently lighting a broad variety of spaces including hospitals, entertainment facilities, schools and sports complexes. Since partnering with RemPhos, the company has production facilities to customize LED products and qualify for BAA.