LED In Action

LED in Action is a leader among North American industrial LED lighting manufacturers by providing rugged products for harsh environments. The company has positioned themselves to assist large commercial and industrial customers with the most current LED lighting solutions. The team at LED in Action pride themselves on being extremely flexible, creating customizable options, and being focused on working with a company to create a lighting solution that is specific to their needs. Whether it be creating high-temperature resistant lenses or having custom-made brackets created to suit the customers’ needs, LED in Action always puts the customers’ needs first.

Since 2008, LED in Action has provided many Fortune 500 companies with top-of-the-line products and second-to-none service. LED in Action has offered customizable solutions for some of the toughest environments in North America. The solutions are always aimed at reducing overall operating and maintenance costs, while never sacrificing light quality or safety. The experience gained by providing solutions to the heavy industrial sectors has elevated LED in Action to being trustworthy partners. LED in Action’s rugged products are currently distributed through most national distributors, as well as local distributors throughout Canada and the US.