HYDREL was founded with a clear bold mission; to design, engineer and deliver the most reliable underwater lighting luminaires the world had ever seen.  No small task, considering this is one Earth’s most demanding lighting applications.  Underwater environments are a place where H2O, corrosion, electricity, thermal management, optical distribution, maintenance requirements and human safety must all co-exist.

HYDREL today is widely recognized as the world’s premier go-to-source for underwater installations. Pools, reflecting ponds, water features, wet-dry environments, you name it and HYDREL has a solution for your extreme application in the latest LED sources whether Architectural WHT or Dynamic RGB.

Over time HYDREL moved up out of the water, applying our engineering prowess to everything else we aspired to produce.  We started with the second most demanding application, INGRADE luminaires. This is a place where water meets soil, debris, run-off, solar energy, traffic and other factors created new challenges to be understood and conquered.  We didn’t stop here, we keep climbing.

HYDREL is now also recognized as one of the world’s premier sources for Architectural INGRADE, FLOOD, STEP, LANDSCAPE, PATH, SITE and BUILDING mounted outdoor lighting.  HYDREL products regardless of category or application are engineered to outperform anything on the market.  Leveraging our fundamental knowledge of the elements and the latest in digital LED sources and controls, HYDREL can illuminate your vision.